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Please download the document below for information about:

  • How to contact the IST Clinic if you have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Further information about COVID-19
  • How to protect yourself and others


For COVID-19 related concerns

Telephone: 0784-783393   0688-783393   0718-783393   0782-783393


For non COVID-19 related appointments

Telephone: 0784-783393   0688-783393   0718-783393   0782-783393


Please note that all normal medical services of the IST Clinic, including laboratory and pharmacy services, will continue within the IST Clinic under strict preventive conditions. All COVID-19 services will be in a separate custom-built facility next to the IST Clinic in order to facilitate ongoing safe routine and emergency treatment within the IST Clinic.


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Ebola has become a recent major health concern in West Africa. Fortunately there has been no spread to east Africa and there are no conformed reports of bola infections in Tanzania. In case of fever or other health symptoms following a recent visit to one of the Ebola affected West African countries please call the clinic in advance and pass on this information so that one of the medical practitioners can assess your risk and advise how to proceed.

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Lymphatic Filariasis (Elephantiasis)

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Recently we have been receiving many inquiries related to a national eradication programme of Lymphatic Filariasis ( LF), a chronic condition that can result in Elephantiasis. This is an advanced stage of the illness whereby body parts such as the limbs and the genitals can become irreversibly swollen due to disturbed drainage of the lymph vessels in the skin.

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The stresses of living away from home

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Culture shock is brought on by the anxiety that results from losing all our familiar signs and symbols of social intercourse. These signs or cues include the thousand and one ways in which we orient ourselves to the situations of everyday life: when to shake hands and what to say when we meet people, how to give orders, when to take statements seriously or not. These cues, which may be words, gestures, facial expressions, customs or norms, are acquired by all of us in the course of growing up and are as much a part of culture as the language we speak or the belief we accept. All of us depend for our peace of mind and our efficiency on hundreds of these cues, most of which we are not consciously aware of.

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Health in Tanzania

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These notes are intended to supplement the health information you may have been given before departure. It gives information on some of the common health problems in Tanzania, preventive measures you can take, where to seek treatment, and what to do in an emergency.

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Emergencies and evacuation

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Emergencies and evacuation
The IST Clinic can assist in medical emergency situations as well as medical evacuations.

For emergency transport and ambulance services the IST Clinic works closely with Knight Support Paramedic Ambulances Service, based in Dar es Salaam and Arusha.

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Welcome to the IST Clinic

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The IST Clinic is a primary care clinic in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, which provides high quality health services. These services include general practice consultations, psychotherapy, laboratory services, a pharmacy, minor surgery and first aid care, antenatal and child clinics, ultrasound imaging and short term admission facilities.

The various web pages on this site will provide information on the IST Clinic, its services, opening hours and staff.

The site will also keep you informed of relevant health issues in Tanzania and provide health information for residents and visitors to Tanzania. Important new developments and additions to the services of the IST Clinic will also be posted on this site.

The site contains a membership subscription form of the IST Clinic for new patients wishing to make full use of the services that the IST Clinic has to offer.

Also available on this site is a patient personal data (update) form and we request members of the IST Clinic to register any changes to their address, location of residence, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. This will assist the IST Clinic in staying up to date on your personal information and can be important during times of emergency as well as for more effective reporting of test results.

Finally there are e-mails addresses to contact the IST Clinic, in case you need further information or if you wish to pass on information and comments to the IST Clinic staff.

For general inquiries and comments  :   For appointments :    For invoice queries:

We hope you will find this site informative and useful and welcome any comments and suggestions you may have.

On behalf of the staff of the IST Clinic,

Ype Smit MD and Belia Klaassen MD

Contact us 0718 783393, 0746 499411, 0688 783391, 0784 783393 and 0684 7833920