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Covid-19 has arrived in Tanzania and the IST Clinic staff, in close cooperation with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and regional and district health authorities , as well as with other Dar es Salaam health care providers are making all the necessary arrangements to distribute up to date information on Covid-19 as well as the consultation and testing services that are available . Please follow these posts on the IST Clinic website. Very soon information will be posted about Covid-19 and the best way to contact the IST Clinic with Covid-19 questions and requests for consultation and testing .

Importantly all Covid-19 suspected persons shall be seen in a separate facility right next the IST Clinic so that routine medical, laboratory, and pharmacy care at the IST Clinic can continue as normal .

It is important to recognize that not all fever is due to Covid-19 and, with the rainy season approaching, that other illnesses such as malaria and dengue fever also need to be considered in case of fever and generalized symptoms.

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