Yellow fever

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ALERT Yellow Fever Certificate again requird at all entry points in Tanzania from February 1st 2008.

Please see the quoted text, whereby ALL passengers travelling to Tanzania must have a valid Yellow Fever Certificate with them on arrival in Tanzania.  The date of vaccination needs to be at least 10 days prior to entry.

The Yellow Fever vaccination is valid for 10 years.

Please note the following applies for ALL passengers traveling to Tanzania:

1.As Tanzania is a country at risk of being infected by yellow fever,Health officials have instructed that from 14 January 2008 all HEALTH SURVEILLANCE DESKS in Tanzania have been reinstalled in all borders points, sea ports and international airports.With effect from Monday 21January 2008 all passengers traveling to Tanzania will be required to produce a valid yellow fever certificate upon arrival in any entry point in TZ.
Due to late circulation of notice by Tanzanian authorities, this will be properly enforced at all borders, ports and international airports from 1 February 2008

2.Please advise all current and prospective passengers of the need to carry a valid yellow fever certificate if traveling to Tanzania.  The vaccination needs to be administered at least 10 days before travel to Tanzania

If you are leaving Tanzania you will need this on your return so please make sure that you have the vaccination and your Yellow Fever Certificate updated  before you leave.

Yellow Fever vaccinations as well as the vaccination booklets can be provided at the IST Clinic. Please inform the reception staff that you are coming only for the vaccination and  the vaccianation can be given by the nurse in order to save your time.

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