Belia Klaassen MD and Ype Smit MD, have been responsible for the medical services of the IST Clinic since 1997. They have both been trained in general and family medicine in The Netherlands , with postgraduate training in tropical medicine and have been working in Tanzania since 1988.
Other medical practitioners working as general and family medicine practitioners at the clinic are Irfan Walji MD (since 2012), Catheryn Massamu MD (since 2017), Aziza Magram  MD (since 2017), and most recently (2018) Bernadette Kleczka MD. Together with the nurses,receptionist, laboratory-, administration-, pharmacy- and domestic staff, and the clinic manager, they form the IST clinic team of more than 20 members.
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The clinic  health services are open for everybody but membership is advised especially if staying in Dar es Salaam or even up-country for a certain period.
Advantages of membership include  a lower price per consultation and a different  billing  system for services rendered instead of cash payment at the time of consultation.
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Brief history

The IST Medical Scheme was initiated in 1998 as an independent non profit trust. In 1999 a new clinic was built and fully equipped.  In 2016 the clinic underwent organisational restructuring and the clinic’s name changed to  “Dar es Salaam (DSM) International Medical Clinic Tanzania Limited (Trading as IST Clinic)”. As the name “IST Clinic” is well established, this name will continued to be used in this website. The IST Clinic cooperates closely with various hospitals, laboratories and radiology departments, as well as with physiotherapists and psychologists


The IST Clinic provides an extensive range of primary health care services including antenatal and baby care clinics, counseling, ultrasound imaging, laboratory services, pathology services, acute first aid care management as well as elective minor surgery, a pharmacy and a two-bed admission facility. The goal of the IST Clinic is to provide a full range of high quality primary care services within one institution.
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The IST Clinic is located on the Ruvu Street side of the International School of Tanganyika Masaki Campus on the Msasani peninsula in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. There is a guarded parking facility at the clinic.