Membership to the IST Medical Scheme is open to individuals, families and companies or organizations. There is no annual subscription fee for membership, only a one–time refundable deposit which is to be paid on entry into the medical scheme. This deposit will remain intact until the membership ends. At that time the deposit will be refunded, in the currency in which it was paid, with deduction of any outstanding invoices at that time.

Members will receive monthly invoices and statements for services rendered by the clinic and therefore have the great advantage of not needing to pay cash at the clinic at the time of the consultation. The invoices and statements can be sent to either the individual members or their company/organization.
Payments should be made within 30 days of receipt of the invoice in cash, by cheque made out to the “IST Medical Scheme Clinic” or by credit card.

Advantages of membership include a 24 hour standby emergency service, reduced consultation fees, consultation by appointment, preferential treatment in regards to appointments and the possibility of participation in the antenatal and baby care clinics.

Application for membership can be done using the attached form as well as at the IST Clinic. A refundable deposit is paid by cheque or cash in either US $ or Tsh.

The following rates apply

Individual membership

$ 200

One time refundable deposit

Couple membership

$ 350

One time refundable deposit

Family membership

$ 500

One time refundable deposit

Corporate membership

$ req

One time refundable deposit

To join please fill:


For further information relating to membership of the IST Medical Scheme please contact us or pass by the clinic to visit the accounts section.

A refund for Membership can be obtained by sending this form: