The IST Clinic is a primary care clinic and provides an extensive range of services.
In case certain services fall within a special interest area of one or more of the clinic practitioners, this is indicated as well.

24 hour emergency service
One of the medical practitioners can be reached during 24 hours on the clinic emergency line 0754-783393 and there is always a nurse present at the IST Clinic itself, so that patients can go directly to the clinic.
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Consultation services
Besides general consultation hours, the IST Clinic has a number of specific services:
• Ante natal clinic (Belia Klaassen, MD; and Nina Roos, MD)
• Baby clinic (Belia Klaassen, MD,  Bernadette Kleczka, MD, Sietske Dantuma, MD and Nina Roos, MD)
• Gynecological examinations (Belia Klaassen, MD; and Nina Roos MD)
• Counseling services
• Full medical physical examinations
• House calls can be made at special request

Specialist Consultations
Our visiting specialists are:
• Aleya Remtullah, pediatrician (Monday afternoons, and Saturday’s; walks-in are very welcome)
• Praxeda Swai, psychiatrist and therapist (Wednesday afternoons, only on appointments)
• …

Laboratory and pathology
The IST Clinic has a well equipped laboratory. Most tests can be done at the clinic itself. Otherwise the sample will be brought to a reliable laboratory in or outside Tanzania.

Vaccination services
All recommended vaccinations for infants and travelers can be obtained at the clinic, including HPV and Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR). In addition, IST Clinic has been appointed by the Tanzanian Government as an official institute to administer Yellow Fevers vaccines.

Diagnostic services
• Ultrasound examinations obstetric & gynecological (Belia Klaassen, MD; and Nina Roos, MD)
• Electrocardiogram
• Hearing test

First Aid services
Basic first aid such as wound suturing, wound care and simple fracture reduction and fixation can be done at the IST Clinic. In case of a trauma of a more serious nature assistance is given in arranging for referral and medical evacuation.

Psychotherapy services
The IST Clinic does not employ psychotherapists but can assist in referral to local psychotherapists or to a reputable internet based psychotherapy service.