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This is to inform you that we recently have seen an increase in malaria cases. In case of fever, general malaise, or unexplained headaches, we strongly advise you to get tested for malaria asap. In case of persistent symptoms, you need to repeat the malaria test after 1-2 days. Malaria testing can be done 24/7 at our clinic.

So far our patients who are suffering from malaria have been treated effectively with regular malaria treatment. We are aware of possible treatment-resistant malaria, therefore extensive monitoring is advised during the treatment.

As we are awaiting the heaviest rains in the next weeks, we want you to be alert and take extra precautions. The most effective way to avoid malaria is to take malaria prophylaxis tablets (like malarone). These tablets are usually well tolerated. In addition, make sure to use mosquito repellent daily (day time and evening/night) when going out, to spray your house regularly and sleep under a mosquito net. 

For more information please contact our reception!

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